365 Project 2002

365 Project 2002

In 2001 I received a Canon SLR for Christmas. Not a DSLR, a 35mm film SLR. I was a photographer in high school journalism, but hadn’t pursued it much beyond that, and wanted to learn more about the relationship between aperture and shutter, framing, ISO, and all that other good stuff.

So I decided the best way to learn was practice. I vowed to take at least 1 photograph every day for the year of 2002.

Afterward I created the website www.365project.com to showcase the work. But if you want to skip over the old site (which still holds its own pretty well, over 10 years later), here are all the photos, in chronological order from January 1 through December 31 (plus an epilogue shot).

But the photo titles, context, and descriptions are still all over at the main site. 

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